Terms & Conditions

Before you book a treatment, please read the below terms, conditions and treatment contraindications.

Contraindications to Treatments

Massage should be avoided if you have had recent surgery, or a head or neck injury; a history of thrombosis or embolism; spondylitis or spondylosis. If you have high or low blood pressure, diabetes, epilepsy, any kind of heart condition, cancer or osteoporosis, talk to your doctor before arranging a treatment. If pregnant you must be past your first trimester before having a treatment.   Always make sure that you avoid alcohol for at least five hours before the treatment.

Reiki cannot diagnose. Please always consult your doctor and continue to take prescribed medication. Reiki is a complementary holistic healing energy.  Reiki cannot be given to broken bones before they are set, and should not be given or sent remotely prior to surgery.  We will refuse to give Reiki to anyone who is under the influence of alcohol, drugs or who has mental health issues which require medication or psychosis.

Reflexology cannot diagnose.  A list of contraindications are listed below.  Directly after a foot, knee or hip, operation, Severe arthritis in the feet (reiki recommended) Cardiovascular conditions such as thrombosis, phlebitis, heart conditions.   Severe mental conditions/Psychotic conditions, Osteoporosis (legs/feet).  Acute rheumatism. Recent operations (reiki recommended for most).  Epilepsy (fine with GP consent) Diabetes (fine with GP consent).  Medical oedema. Pregnancy within first trimester. 

We do not offer any treatment if a client is under the influence of alcohol or recreational drugs. A temperature/fever/Flu or heavy cold/ contagious or infectious diseases. Athletes foot and Verucca.  

If you have a cold, flu or any infectious conditions, please rearrange your booking until you are clear of infection.

You must be 18 years of age or older to receive a treatment or reading. 

 All new clients are required to sign a disclaimer upon their first consultation.

DISCLAIMER:The access or use of this Website constitutes Acceptance of the following conditions of use:You must be 18 years of age to order and receive any of our treatments. You will be expected to sign a medical disclaimer before each treatment. None of our treatments are to be used as a medical substitute. We do not diagnose or offer cures. They are all complementary holistic treatments. Please consult your doctor if you are unsure of whether any of our treatments would be suitable for you. Please also read carefully our contraindications information above before booking. Riad Reiki reserves the right to alter or change any product or price without any prior notice.

Please note that any card readings  and spiritual readings are purely for entertainment purposes only.